Be completely transformed with a massage tailored to your needs. Using techniques from remedial massage, myofascial release, invigorating Indian head and neck massage techniques and relaxing Swedish massage.  

Muscle tissue works by contracting and so if it is shortened it can no longer work effectively. A muscle may be shortened actively or passively. For example muscles that contract due to overuse or repetitive motion and those that shorten due to under use such as when an arm is kept in a sling for long periods. When the muscle is contracted in these ways it cannot contract any further and so is not able to do the work of the muscle. The soft tissue of the body changes in response to touch. That is we are able to manipulate it, soften it, stretch it and increase the flexibility of it all through the touch of massage. This may take the form of compression, passive stretching or passive shortening, or a combination of these.


So try a remedial massage today and help your muscles do what they were meant to do, instead of giving you pain and discomfort. Even if your muscles are not hurting now come and enjoy a massage for total relaxation

Massage therapy is based on the principles that the body is affected by its parts, shortened muscle tissue does not work efficiently and that soft tissues of the body respond to touch. A person is a whole organism and everything is connected and related, therefore the whole body reacts when parts of it are affected. For example a person with a sprained ankle will favor the injured leg, causing muscles in the hip and lower back to tighten. This in turn can cause an imbalance in the back affecting the neck muscles, causing a headache. Just treating the neck muscles will not alleviate the problem.