Testimonials for Remedy maker and Guardian
A Mother and Lung Cancer The Guardian helps a mother with the symptoms of lung cancer. Just three weeks after giving up hope, she has her life back and much more time with her family. My mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in the late Fall of 2007. Hospice nurses and aides were brought in to help with the last stages of death. My mother is 88 years old and decided not to have chemotherapy or surgery, but was open to non-invasive alternative means. She did have a tube inserted into her left lung that was used to drain the 1100 cc’s of fluid caused by the cancer and was left in to drain fluid every 3-4 days. Typically they drained at least 500 cc of fluid each time. My mother lives with my sister in Alpine, Utah and I live in California. I made a trip to visit her on Sunday Feb 2, 2008. When I got there, she was very weak and nauseated and had lost a lot of weight due to the nausea. She was confined to bed most of the time for the danger of falling with a “drop foot”. Even though she had a good attitude, her quality of life was getting her down and she just wanted to give up. The day after I got there, I started using the Guardian, a tool based on vibrational medicine, and a Solaris healing blanket. Within 2-3 days my mother’s appetite returned and she able to eat more nutritious food. By the time I left, about one week later, she was getting up and eating with the family or in the living room to visit or watch the snow. There was a problem though, the nurse was concerned because she was not able to drain any more fluid off her lung. She thought the cancer probably grew and plugged the catheter (which it had once before) so they took her to the hospital for a CT scan. To their surprise and happiness, the fluid was drying up and the doctor said it looked like the cancer had shrunk! Two days later she told me she had fried eggs, bacon, and toast to eat, and it was delicious. It is now Feb 24, and my mother sounds great on the phone and said she even got her hair permed and fixed up! Quite the contrast from just 3 weeks earlier when she was seriously thinking to have the catheter pulled out and go on heavy pain medication. What will the future holds I really do not know, but I have the deep satisfaction having the knowledge I helped her gain more time with her family and a better quality of life. This experience although amazing, is not unique. My wife D., beat bone cancer (and other serious issues) using the Guardian. She has lost over a hundred pounds in the process and is feeling better than ever. P.M. Paso Robles, CA A Naturopathic Doctor and her 80-year-old mother, diagnosed with Parkinson’s and tooth infections. She had said hardly anything for months and could not feed herself. I.B. is a Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctor. Her mother, about 80, diagnosed with Parkinson’s and tooth infections, had said hardly anything for months and could not feed herself. The doctor passed the Guardian along to her sister, a Registered Nurse who works at the facility where their mother lives. The nurse placed the 2” disc on different parts of the mom’s body. The disc is an accessory that comes with the unit. She plugged the disc into the input, held the disc to the mom’s temple, pressed the green button to turn the unit on, and then the red button to activate it, sending the mom’s frequencies into the ampoules on the out plate. She left an ampoule in a pouch they had attached to the mom’s garments. The next day, the mom spoke a couple of sentences. Visiting the facility herself, the doctor put the disc to her mother’s temple, to the top and back of her head. Each time she changed the site of the disc, she pressed the red button to add those frequencies to the ampoules. She supercharged the ampoules four times and inserted them in the pouch. Soon, the mom was telling her daughters, the N.D. and the R.N., who the people were in a picture album. She pointed to a couple, said who they are, and that they had recently visited her, when in fact they had visited long before. The doctor says it was as if her mother was waking up “like Rip Van Winkle.” She is feeding herself again. The Guardian is bringing her back to her daughters.


The Remedy Maker helps a man fight back against Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Cryogloulinemia After learning of her husband’s stage 4 cancer, a nurse uses the Remedy Maker to help remedy symptoms and avoid chemotherapy. Back in March of 1997, H. and I were vacationing in Acapulco when he found several lumps in his clavicle bone. Of course, being a nurse, I expected the worst. By the Monday after we got back he was in to see our family doctor. The doctor immediately had H. see a surgeon, to have a biopsy done as soon as possible. H. was more interested in his fly-fishing trip to Canada. He stated, “If I am going to be sore, I will wait to have this done after I get back from my fishing trip.” We waited two weeks later, when he got back, for the surgery. By that time I was a basket case trying not to show him how worried I was. When J., our surgeon, finished the biopsy she took me into a private room. She said, “Our oncology department said H. was in the last phase of cancer.” He had it in all four quadrants; it would just be a matter of time. We decided to go to the University of Minnesota. With a few recommendations, we were fortunate to have the professor of the medical school as H.’s main doctor. Our doctor also conversed with the Mayo oncology department in Rochester, Minnesota. We felt we were in very good hands. H. was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Cryogloulinemia (WDLL/CLL). We made our four hour drive to the University of Minnesota every three months for the first year. For the next several years it was every six months and the last five years we went one time a year. Each trip was dreaded, as we always thought this was the time when they were going to start chemotherapy. Each time they marveled about his blood work. They would give us the news that perhaps next time we may need the chemotherapy. All this time we were being prayed for at our church, we came to the conclusion that the Lord was taking care of H. Although the tests showed H. had cancer, the Lord was blessing us with no symptoms. H. hasn’t had a cold in nine years, he never got sick, and he never missed a day of work. In the Spring of 2005, I ran into a friend that had introduced me to Homeopathy 20 years earlier. We got on the subject of H. having cancer. I brought H. to his home and we checked out his remedies. At that time he mentioned the Eagle Remedy Maker. We decided to make a remedy of H.’s blood and give it to H. I did that several times over the next few weeks. On June 29, 2005 we went back to the University of Minnesota. At 10 AM, H. had his blood work done, and we were called into Dr. V.’s office at 11 AM. He was checking H.’s stats on the computer. He stated, “this is amazing, truly amazing.” I kept asking what was amazing, finally I blurted out, “Doc, should I tell you what I did?” I proceeded to tell him about the Homeopathic remedies. He was amazed. He stated he has seen a lot of different things in his lifetime of work and this is truly amazing. He did ask us if we would come back in a year to confirm the results, and we agreed. At the time of using the Remedy Maker, I met Bruce, and learned about the Guardian. What a fantastic little machine it is! H. is on that faithfully two or three times a day and plans to continue for the rest of his life.

MM, Virginia, MN


A man in Wisconsin uses the Guardian to help with Severe Back and Neck Pain While helping his friend move carpet, he severely strained his back and was in horrible pain… until a friend introduced him to the Guardian. Thank you for inventing the Guardian – what an awesome device! Keep up the great work! I am 48 years old and am in pretty fair physical shape. In the second week of January, I was helping a friend of mine carry a roll of carpet from the back of my truck into my house. He estimated the roll to weigh three hundred pounds or more. It was a thirteen by thirty foot roll. Things were going well until we got halfway into my kitchen when we could feel the roll start to loosen up. He said “Whatever you do, don’t let this roll unravel or we will be in deep trouble!” Needless to say, he scared the daylights out of me, so I clamped my arms tighter and reefed my head into the roll to stabilize it. Then I felt a sting below my shoulder blade. I shook it off. My friend said sometimes these can creep up on you a few weeks later, and boy was he right. Three weeks later, my thumb was going numb, my shoulder felt like some one had hit me with a sledge hammer, and felt like it was plugged into an electrical socket all at the same time. I went to see my chiropractor as soon as these issues surfaced. I had an MRI done after a week because I was in such severe pain, and we both wanted to see what was going on. A good friend of mine, God bless her, shared with me information about the Guardian. I have been involved in natural and alternative methods for several years, and I understood the principles of what this device does and I started using it shortly after my injury. I started by using my fingers on the Guardian and carrying the vials in my pocket. I would say it took me about a week. Then I started to feel my energy level lasting longer throughout the day. I did still have pain in my neck and shoulder, sometimes it would increase slightly, then it would fade out. After about two and a half weeks, I started to experiment a little more now that I was feeling more comfortable using the Guardian. I was using it three times a day, and was finding out that I was really getting more energy, especially when I used it at bed time; I would be getting up often, so I cut back at night. I also found out that if I wore the vial in my sock or put it in my pillow case, it would be too strong of an energy field, so I stopped doing that as well. I then started potentizing, using the disk on my neck and shoulder; I could feel the heat from the disk as I worked around these areas (which was awesome). Sometimes it would increase pain slightly, then it would just seem to fade away. I would do this two times a day, sometimes three depending on how I was feeling. When I am achy at night, I use the Guardian. It very slightly increases the pain, but by then next morning, I am feeling great! I decided to go without using the Guardian for three days to see if it made a difference; I was very achy by then, so I started using the disk. The next night I started imprinting again. I woke up the next morning and my pajama top was just soaking wet in the neck and upper back area! I released a lot of toxins through the sweating - I am still amazed. So does this work? YOU BET! I am still using the imprinter two times a day and will continue to do so. I want to be honest here, I believe that what I’m doing along with the Guardian, drinking good water and incorporating good food, is helping me tremendously. I am still seeing my chiropractor and I am making progress with every visit and adjustment. He is scratching his head because he cannot figure out why I did not want to see the neurosurgeon and that I have not taken the “Dose Packs” (steroids) or pain pills with the severity of my injury. I do believe in integrating medicine and surgery, however it is not my first choice. Everyone is different, so I would suggest you start slow and see where you feel most comfortable. MV, Green Bay, WI