Thanks Elaine,

 I feel strangely different (better) since I saw you - I really feel I am living in the moment more and allowing myself not to rush and enjoy myself totally - thank you so much - I have been
carrying this pleasure/reward block around for years !! I  feel like I have been set free !

PP Dec 2009

I had the pleasure of visiting Elaine weekly for a couple of months. Previously I had been to countless doctors and health practitioners, GP's, naturopaths....more Gps etc. I had researched extensively to try and get wellness back in my life... throw in a couple of psychiatrists too!

I was told I had everything from past life background noise (ha!) to sinusitis to depression (who wouldn't after this palava?) So at a pretty low ebb and rather cynical I embarked on another endeavour. Elaine guided me through a series of allergy eliminations using the Naet programme in conjunction with kinesiology. I had a pretty good understanding of where my problems were and she very quickly and clearly defined the issue and release of it.
Each week I made a journey to visit her as she cleared the allergies I had..she was consistently articulate in her understanding of what was going on with me and through the week I could think about what she had picked up on. I began to understand the process more and it became clear that I was getting better. Through her approach and clever guidance I have found that (now a few months on) I am on top of the world. I have not felt this great for years and am thankful for her love and strength.
I became pregnant with twins in this period of healing and have been able to approach this new stage of life with confidence and vitality. What a gift. Thanks a million Elaine

Victoria Thomas, Bondi  Aug 2008


"Most of my adult life I've been referred to by friends as 'a bit of a sickly child' I seemed to get any colds or bugs that were flying around and hold onto them longer than everyone else. I'm no doctor but it was pretty clear to me that I must have had a compromised immune system. I was advised to go and see Elaine for an initial NAET assessment. Like most people, I imagine, I was initially sceptical. The process seemed odd, imperfect - how could it possibly work? It was observed that I had intolerances to a number of key nutrients - significantly Vitamin C and Iron. My body was not accepting these nutrients - so key to the immune system - and as a result my immune system was not functioning properly - at least that was the theory.

I had these intolerances cleared, along with another four or five. I felt great straight after the clearings
and I didn't get ill for a while. As I'm not ALWAYS ill I didn't get too excited for a while as I wanted to make sure it wasn't just coincidence.

Now six months later I am still waiting for my first cold. I am now doing exersise five days a week (exercise used to always bring on a cold/bug!) and feeling the best I have in years. I encourage any other 'sickly children' to give this a try. It could give you a new lease of life. It has me. Thanks Elaine." 

Matthew Ringrose  - Novermber 2007


After suffering from lower back pain for longer than I can remember, (at   least 15 years) I visited Elaine Oliver for a  kinesiology balance.   I did  not expect one balance to relieve me from the back pain but ever since I visited Elaine in March 2006 I have had no further problems.   The difference to my life? Well, now I no longer get out of bed like an 80 year old woman and  take 20 minutes to   loosen up, I don't dread going over speed bumps in case they jar my back and I can sit comfortably for hours.

Sonia Cazzulino-Blake


My name is Carolyn and two and a half years ago I got my first balances one word... AMAZING!!!

I went into it not really knowing what to expect. Elaine explained to me I had to make a goal so I told her a general way I wanted to feel and she began the balance. The most interesting thing about balances are that it is your body that tells her what is going on. I felt comfortable and really opened up. It was unreal things were coming up that Elaine definitely wouldn't know about, infact even I didn't realize the the things that were bothering me. An age came up where something very significant happened in my life, she knew the age but had no idea what the situation was which is great because that gave me the option of expressing my feeling or just simply agreeing that something had happened at that age. I was amazed at what was happening and I was amazed at how I felt when it was finished. I couldn't believe how good I was feeling after so long of feeling bad, I literally felt like I was floating!! After that first balance I was hooked, I have had several balances since then including some for the pain in my back. That is another thing that makes them great you can get balances for pretty much any thing, emotion's well being, pain and discomforts. I'm very happy with the service Elaine provides and I will continue to use her to help "balance" my life!

Carolyn B, Manly - June 06