Welcome to NHK.  A non- invasive truly holistic natural therapy.  Healing, Health and Harmony for your body, mind and soul.

This is where to come for holistic health solutions.

Elaine uses a variety of techniques depending on the individual needs of her clients.  With a focus on helping you to solve your health and emotional issues in a gentle and supportive way. Elaine starts by checking on a clients gut health and nutritional needs.  The digestive system is the foundation for a healthy body and mind.  A myriad of problems both physical and mental can stem from imbalances in the gut. Kinesiology, nutritional balancing, GAPS diet, EFT (Emotional freedom technique), Hypnotherapy and massage are all tools that can be used.  You can chose which modality you would like to work with or let me work out which is going to best meet your needs.

Learn how to manage and eliminate emotional, physical and chemical stressors to get back to optimal health - and stay there! Find out which foods are good for you and which are not and eliminate adverse reactions to foods using nutritional Energy Balancing procedures 

I have been studying and practicing natural therapies since 1998. Most recently I have added Hypnotherapy, Time Line therapy and NLP to assist in making deep and lasting changes

How can Kinesiology Help you?

Pinpoint and aid food sensitivities and intolerance's 

Enhances learning

Aids healing of muscle injuries

Helps overcome fears and phobias

Help to overcome eating disorders

Helps to let go of anxiety 

Assist with weight loss

Helps overcome past trauma

Helps overcome depression

Boost sports performance 

About kinesiology

Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to health care.   It uses muscle testing to find problem areas in the body.

It encompasses most natural therapies.  Massage, acupressure point's, nutrition and counselling are just some methods used to restore balance, enhancing health and well-being.  Kinesiology can be used to identify structural, chemical, neurological and biochemical abnormalities. It can aid the body to take away energy imbalances in the meridians to encourage the better absorption of Nutrition allowing better natural healing for the patient.

Muscle testing detects minor functional imbalances which when not corrected cause the body to compensate.   This can lead to poor healthy, discomfort and allergic reactions.

Kinesiology can help balance the body preventing these symptoms progressing to disease.

 The practitioner can assist with emotional problem's, muscles pain, dietary, intake, emotional  blocks, behavioural problems, hormonal imbalances, insomnia and structural imbalances and much more.